Friday, 7 April 2017

Ceiling Fans are Not Merely Cooling Devices Now!

Ceiling fan is an appliance like various other electrical appliances in the home, but it is a very important one. Since our childhood we have seen them rotating over our head and providing cool breeze to us on the hot summer days. We have become so habitual to them, that we can’t imagine our home without them. They have become an essential part of our homes. We have always considered them as a cooling device, but the contemporary fans for home are quickly breaking this stereotype!

The kind of decorative and designer fans that are coming to the market these days are changing the notion that they are only meant for getting cool air. These appliances, which exhibit a perfect fusion of beauty and functionality, are fast becoming decorative items in addition to merely cooling devices.

Whether it’s the antique rusted look, or matte finish, or engraved pattern, or an embossed design, the fans have turned into art pieces. Their blades are not the simple blades now, but rather, they have assumed a whole lot of shapes, sizes, and designs, to entice people of different tastes. The options in the total number of blades in a fan have also increased from the traditional three blade design to four, five, and even six blades at places. The central part of the fan is also effectively utilized these days to place a fancy LED light over there, which not only enhances the beauty of the fan but also adds to its utility.

Today’s fans have become technologically advanced as well. The blades designed using the latest technology functions almost silently, which means you will get the cool breeze without any annoying noise whatsoever. Also, the ceiling fans for houses that are available in the market nowadays can be operated through a touch panel fitted in the wall, or through a remote control, or even through your smartphone.

Whether you want to purchase fans for your home or you want to buy ceiling fans in bulk, there is a fan available for every kind of customer in the market.

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